The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Manuka Manchester

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is the only charity dedicated wholly to saving the UK's bumblebees and we are proud to announce that we are to continue on with supporting them. We exchanged new contracts this week and we are all buzzing about it as we love working alongside them and supporting the amazing work they do. This years focused campaign #beethechange is all about quick simple ways you can make your local area more bee friendly. It does not matter if you live in the countryside or live in a city. If you have a garden. a window sill, a flower pot or no outdoor space at all. Bumblebees do an amazing job pollinating our crops and wildflowers. But as our country-sides and towns change, there are fewer flowers to feed on, so bumblebees need a helping hand. Check out for more helpful information on various topics. There is even a monthly bumblebee menu! You can also share and send them photos of how you are helping making a difference.